SI Joint Pain explained by Dr. Stewart M. Kerr M.D.

Many patients see Dr. Stewart M. Kerr for pain in the lower back or the back portion of the pelvis area. There are many treatment options for SI joint pain, including physical therapy, injections, and more.


About Stewart M. Kerr

Dr. Stewart M. Kerr is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with a clinical focus primarily on comprehensive neck & spine surgery, fracture repair & joint replacement. Dr. Kerr’s practice philosophy is to treat all patients as if they are family members. He strives for superior elective surgery results by optimizing all controllable factors prior to operating, when possible. Dr. Kerr enjoys providing evidence-based, multi-disciplinary care; his strategy includes careful listening & thoughtful explanations for both surgical and non-surgical options so patients may choose treatments that best fit their individual health goals.