Hip Preservation

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Hip Preservation

Very active people and athletes in particular are susceptible to degenerative hip disease brought on by an underlying abnormality. Osteoarthritis (OA) can develop, breaking down the protective cartilage tissue in the joint and causing pain.

If initial joint disorders aren’t diagnosed and treated, OA can strike relatively early, the more serious the joint abnormality, the sooner symptoms will affect quality of life.

Hip preservation surgeries that prevent degenerative disease and help return people to normal active lives, include:

Hip Arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy is a minimally-invasive, outpatient procedure performed through small incisions. The arthroscope is a small camera inserted into the joint that is used to guide other instruments.

An arthroscopic approach can be used to correct the bony deformity of FAI, repair labral tears and treat other cartilage damage that can be associated with impingement and dysplasia.

Hip Osteotomies

These procedures are used to realign the bones of the hip joint to improve joint function. There are different types of hip osteotomy depending on what part of the joint needs to be corrected.

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