Joint Replacement Surgery

Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle (OSS) surgeons have helped many patients with arthritis or damaged joints return to active lifestyles through joint replacement surgery. OSS surgeons perform many shoulder, hip, and knee replacements every year.

Board-certified Surgeons

All of our surgeons are board-certified. OSS physicians have specialized training in orthopedic surgery and in subspecialty areas of orthopedic medicine, allowing for the type of specialized care that many people seek out for a surgery as important as joint replacement.

We are also one of the only practices in the Pacific Northwest that offers the anterior approach hip replacement surgery, a less invasive hip replacement surgery that significantly reduces post-operative pain and recovery time.

Partial Joint Replacement Surgery

Partial Joint Replacement

Partial Joint Replacement

Our surgeons can also provide partial joint replacements of the knee when patients are good candidates. Our on-site physical therapy department provides convenient, coordinated care for patients recovering from surgery.

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