Sports Medicine

Sports-related Injuries

Injuries from Sports

Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle (OSS) physicians are experts in sports medicine for adults and children. A large percentage of the patients we see at OSS are athletes. From tennis players to marathon runners to snowboarders to professional basketball players, we have treated many different types of athletes.

Sports-related Injuries

We also have expertise in many sports-related issues, from tennis elbow to ligament tears to kneecap dislocation and more we’ve seen, and treated, it all.

Patients suffering from a sports related injury appreciate our on-site services.

Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle offers X-Ray, our new Wide-Bore MRI, and a fully accredited ambulatory surgery center.

Our expert physical therapy team conveniently compliments our sports medicine work, and has aided many athletes in recovering from surgery.

Active Sports Enthusiasts

OSS physicians may have special expertise in one particular area of orthopedic medicine, but one value that’s paramount to every surgeon on the team is the ability to be active. Our physicians are also active sports enthusiasts who like to compete in triathlons, kite board on the Puget Sound, ski and other sea, land and air sports activities.

Whatever the issue may be, each physician at OSS admits that they receive immense satisfaction from helping people return to their normal activities.

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