Tendon Repair

Post-operative Instructions for Tendon Repair

Tendon repairs are especially complicated and in order to get a good outcome, patients need to follow the post-op instructions carefully.

Do not remove your post-op cast.

If you are experiencing pain or numbness please call 206-633-8100 and follow the prompts to speak with a medical assistant or physician’s assistant if it is after hours. You will need to transition into a custom molded splint at your first therapy visit in order to protect the repair.

Do not try to wiggle your fingers in the cast. This could strain the repair and lead to a rupture.

You should already be scheduled for occupational or hand therapy 3-6 days post-op (unless otherwise specified) but if you are not already scheduled, please call 206-633-8141 to make an appointment with our hand therapists.

The prompt onset of therapy following a tendon repair is essential to maximize your outcome. Therapy works to reduce swelling and pain as well as improve gliding of the tendon without applying tension to the repair. If you want to find a therapist closer to home, we can find one for you that is certified in hand therapy like our therapists.

It is recommended, however, that you have one of our hand therapists make a splint for you and get you started with your exercises before transferring to a hand therapist closer to home.

If you live far from here, we can schedule two visits with hand therapy; the second one is around 12 days post-op and is coordinated with the follow-up doctor’s visit to remove the stitches to minimize your traveling.