Personal Injury Protection and L&I

Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle currently accepts PIP (Personal Injury Protection) patients for Motor Vehicle Collisions and L&I for work related injury.

What You Should Do If You Are Involved in a Motor Vehicle Collision

  1. See a doctor to assess the damage and course of treatment.
  2. Receive treatment for your injuries until you are well again; make sure to bring your prescription for your first appointment.

People who are injured in car collisions due to the negligence of someone else have a Personal Injury Claim. This allows injured victims to receive treatment and help compensate them for their medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

It is very important to receive timely treatment if you are injured. If gone untreated, strained muscles, sprained ligaments, and scar tissue not properly assessed, will inhibit your range of movement and cause problems in the future.

Labor and Industries (L&I)

Workplace injuries are covered through the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, not your health insurance. If you have been injured on the job, then medically necessary appointments will usually be covered with a doctor’s prescription.

Please feel free to contact OSS for more details.