Cervical Disc Replacement

When the cervical discs in the neck become diseased or deteriorate due to aging, the function of the neck can be compromised. The cervical portion of the spine contains seven vertebrae that are stacked from the base of the skull into the shoulders. The cervical discs serve as cushions between each vertebrae, creating a stable, mobile neck. When these discs become dysfunctional, the nerve roots within the spine can be put under pressure, causing pain, tingling and lack of mobility through the neck, shoulders, arms and hands.

Cervical disc replacement is one treatment option for those experiencing severe pain due to cervical discs that are no longer functioning correctly. At OSS, we offer minimally invasive treatments, including cervical disc replacement surgery. Using only a small incision, we can remove the diseased or deteriorated cervical disc and replace it with a new implant. Due to the reduced incision, there is less risk, quicker recovery and less pain than a traditional open back surgery, plus a higher rate of success.

When to Consider a Cervical Disc Replacement?

At OSS, Dr. Kerr is an experienced spinal surgeon, specializing in minimally invasive surgical techniques. However, not everyone is a candidate for cervical disc replacement. In many cases, we can offer other treatments such as physical therapy and cervical steroid injections that can offer relief for cervical disc issues.

Those that are good candidates for a cervical disc replacement are usually patients that are not receiving relief for their disc issues through non-surgical treatments. Those with ongoing, severe pain in the neck, arms, hands or jaw due to a dysfunctional disc may need surgical intervention to get pain relief and their mobility back in their upper extremities.

To find out if cervical disc replacement is right for you, contact OSS today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kerr. He can discuss all the surgical and non-surgical cervical disc treatments we have available.