Gel-One Injections for Arthritis Treatment

Patients, who have been suffering from chronic arthritis throughout their lives, have a new treatment option worth investigating. The new treatment is one Dr. Peterson is proud to be offering to his patients. Patients, that could not find relief before, may find relief with Gel-One. Zimmer Corporation, the company that developed Gel-One, created a brand new single use injection that is unlike the older ones on the market. This product has no false injections into the knee.

Out with the Old – Hyaluronic Acid Injection Therapy

The current treatment method, when used in patients who have had their arthritis for over a decade, has only around a 50 percent chance of actually relieving the pain of arthritis of the knee for an extended period of time. Those who find success with it have relief that lasts approximately 6 months, on average.

A second aspect of the current method of treatment is that even if the hyaluronic acid injection is successful in providing relief, some methods of therapy require a patient undergo multiple injections weekly, typically three to five per week depending on the severity of the arthritic pain.

In with the New – Gel -One

The Gel-One product by the Zimmer Corporation is not the first single-use injection treatment to be offered on the market. The previously used injection often provided an amount to be injected that was not sufficient to properly reduce pain and inflammation in the knee, producing what is affectionately called a pseudosepsis (fake infection). The Zimmer Corporation has worked hard to counter this first injection option by working to produce one that is much more effective while being processed in a way that still allows for delivery in a single use injection system.

Gel-One however has been clinically tested in a controlled study group to confirm that it does not produce a pseudosepsis effect.  The study consisted of 379 randomized patients, which 248 of them receiving the Gel-One formula. The patients were compared to the control at the thirteenth week beyond the baseline and demonstrated a greater amount of pain relief, averaging out at approximately 40% reduced amount of pain.

Also in this study there were no unexpected side effects observed, lending to the confidence our clinic has in this product as a new therapy option for those with chronic arthritic pain.

Gel-One and Our Clinic

Dr. Peterson offers Gel-One to his patients, and early results seem promising. He is continuing to use other forms of hyaluronic acid for those patients who have done well with them, and prefer not to switch.

If you would like to discuss your arthritis treatment options and find out if Gel-One is  right for you, make an appointment with Dr. Peterson at Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle. OSS is a comprehensive orthopedic practice.