Dr. Garcia speaks about Wearable Technology and what it means for Sports & Medicine – how tech could help with health.

Consumer wearables such as Apple, Whoop, Polar, Garmin and so many others are revolutionizing how we monitor our health. It’s a Multi-billion-dollar market that has expanded way beyond just counting our steps. On this show Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Grant Garcia discusses the many uses and how its technology will revolutionize health care.
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Dr. Peterson – KOMO News Interview

Local surgeons plan ahead: Here’s our take on the “New Normal”

by Brian Calvert | Monday, April 20th 2020

“(SEATTLE) One of the largest groups of surgeons in the country has submitted a plan for re-instating elective surgeries postponed by Covid-19.

Doctor Charles Peterson is President of Proliance Surgeons, a group representing 250 surgeons across the Northwest. He’s released what they call a ‘blueprint’ for re-opening hospitals and medical centers to non-life threatening procedures once the immediate danger of the Coronavirus has passed.

Peterson detailed the plan in a conversation with KOMO’s Brian Calvert…”

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