About Grant H. Garcia

Dr. Grant Garcia is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with advanced accredited fellowship training in Sports Medicine and Shoulder Surgery. Dr. Garcia’s primary focus for his practice is Sports Medicine, having a great interest in returning athletes safely to their sport after shoulder, knee and elbow injuries and surgeries.

Dr. Garcia speaks about Wearable Technology and what it means for Sports & Medicine – how tech could help with health.

Consumer wearables such as Apple, Whoop, Polar, Garmin and so many others are revolutionizing how we monitor our health. It’s a Multi-billion-dollar market that has expanded way beyond just counting our steps. On this show Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Grant Garcia discusses the many uses and how its technology will revolutionize health care.
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Innovative Technologies used in Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Grant Garcia: So, we’re going to talk today about the innovative things that we do here at Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle, especially for shoulder replacements. So, we have these innovative technologies to improve our patient outcomes and to get a better shoulder replacement. So, as you’ve heard us talk about this before, but going to a specialist is very important. And the reason is because you want someone that understands the new technology, because in order to do that, when you do the new technology, you can improve outcomes. And so, the outcomes and the technology we have here are we do, we get a CT scan of the patient’s shoulder, and then we can process that information, and we actually have your shoulder in a three-dimensional model on our computer.

And then what I do is; I go home and actually plan out the surgery. I can do all the cuts, I can do all the realignment, everything I needed to do to prepare for the surgery of your shoulder. And for the more complicated ones, which actually ends up being more common than we think. Because again, people tend to wait a little bit longer to have their shoulders done, then their knees or their hips. We can actually prepare for that.

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Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Dr. Grant Garcia: I am Dr. Grant Garcia. I’m one of the shoulder and sports specialists here at Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle. Just to introduce myself, I did my undergraduate at Brown in Rhode Island, and then did my residency training in New York in a place called Hospital for Special Surgery. We got extensive train for shoulder replacements as well as other sports procedures. And then did my medical school at University of Pennsylvania. And then was fortunate enough to do a fellowship at Rush University and focused on shoulder, especially shoulder replacements. And then went into France for a bit and did some shoulder replacements as well over there. So that’s the background of me, I’ve been here, a shoulder Orthopedic Specialist of Seattle have been quite happy. And we’re going to talk to you about shoulder replacement today and what involves some symptoms related to it and then the procedure itself.

So, shoulder replacements or shoulder arthritis is the reason most people get replacements is because the shoulder socket or we call it, you know, the humerus and then you have the socket itself here, which is the glenoid and they start to wear down. Now there’s lots of different variations that you can get, but the most common type is ones to patients who just have had unfortunate events of a previous injury to the shoulder, maybe dislocation, et cetera.
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