Shoulder & Elbow Surgery

Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle (OSS) physicians see and treat patients who suffer from a variety of shoulder and elbow problems, including shoulder arthritis, rotator cuff tears, tennis elbow, and more.

Sonocur by Sonorex

Shoulder and Elbow SurgeryWe are the only clinic in Western Washington that offers Sonocur by Sonorex, an ultrasonic shockwave therapy treatment for tendonitis. In addition, OSS physician, Joel Shapiro, MD, has a special emphasis on shoulder and elbow issues.

Dr. Shapiro performs over 300 shoulder procedures per year, including many shoulder arthroscopies.

OSS physician Wayne Weil, MD, provides care for conditions of the hands and upper extremities, including the new endoscopic cubital tunnel procedure to treat nerve compression at the elbow.

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The physicians at OSS have a breadth of knowledge in orthopedic surgical procedures or chronic injuries and share their expertise it with the community at large.

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