Meniscus Tear: Signs, Symptoms, and Signals

The word ëmeniscusí means crescent shaped structure and owes its origin to Greek. The C-shaped meniscus made of tough cartilage is wedged between the cartilage surfaces covering the three bones that form our knee joint. Meniscus aids the function of the joint by distributing weight and improving its stability. The function of meniscus is of grave importance for the general health of the knee. Meniscus tear or torn cartilage can severely impair the mobility of the knee joint.

Meniscus tear is one of the most common knee injuries that results in severe pain in the joint. It is especially common among athletes and sportsmen who play contact sports such as football, boxing, and hockey. There are two chief causes for meniscus tear ñ It can be due to traumatic injury, primarily seen in athletes or due to degenerative processes that are seen in older patients who have more brittle cartilages. Sudden twisting and turning or bending the knee joint is sometimes responsible for torn meniscus. Rotating the knee while slightly bent can cause meniscus tear. … read more