Alex Rodriguez Returning to Field After Hip Surgery

KOMO News recently reported on May 6th, that New York Yankees’ third baseman, Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) is returning to the field “for the first time since surgery on his left hip almost 4 months ago.”

They also report that, “He joined a group of injured New York Yankees starters Monday at the team’s minor league complex. The 37-year-old third baseman ran, played catch and hit off a tee.”

Rodriguez was off the field and had hip surgery back in mid-January for a hip injury including a torn labrum and hip impingement. Since surgery he has been in recovery, physical therapy rehab, and is currently on a doctor ordered 30-day rehab schedule.

OSS encourages all those who participate in sports to play safe. However in the event of an injury we have 8 orthopedic surgeons with varying specialties, including knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, wrist, foot, ankle, and hand to help you recover. We also offer sports medicine and physical therapy rehabilitation after your treatment.

Our own hip surgeon, Dr. Philip Downer, reviewed Rodriguez’s case for hip impingement and stated that,” My recommended treatment is the same as he received.” Dr. Downer specializes in hip surgery and often treats tears and impingements, including those caused by various sports.

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