OSS: Sponsor of The Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors – Golf Invitational

OSS Sponsored Wounded Warriors Golf Tournament

Hannah Lahrson- Administrator, Brian Haid PA-C, Scott Ruhlman MD, & Jonathan Franklin, MD at the Golf Invitational, September 14, 2012

Orthopedic Specialists was a proud sponsor of The Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors Golf Invitational last Friday, September 14th, 2012 at The Home Course located in Dupont, WA.

Often times when soldiers return home from battle they are plagued with a myriad of mental and physical limitations, changing their lives forever, creating unseen challenges for them, and for their families. OSS supports The Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors because of their dedication to those who put their lives on the line to protect our country, by providing them and their families with emergency assistance, therapeutic services, support groups, and morale-building programs.

Thank you for your help in celebrating the continued success of The Heartbeat and OSS on September 14th, 2012, the event was a relaxing quiet day of golf on one of the finest courses in the Northwest. The Home Course, home to numerous tours and tournaments, is located at 2300 Hoffman Hill Blvd in DuPont, WA.

We honor our much deserving soldiers at this time, and we encourage your continued support of The Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors. You can learn more about the organization at heartbeatforwarriors.org.

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