Open MRI available at Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle

Many of us tense up just thinking about getting an MRI. The traditional enclosed tunnel or tube-like MRI units cause anxiety and claustrophobia. But did you know that Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle offers open MRI?

Open-Air MRI

Our open-air MRI is completely open on all four sides so patients don’t feel confined. Open MRI is a great option for those with claustrophobia or fear of small spaces, or for large patients.

Our MRI contains a padded bed on which you will lie during the exam. An MRI technologist will be in continual voice and visual contact with you. Exams normally last 45 to 60 minutes.

OSS’ advanced system has a powerful magnet, so the pictures of the inner body are clear, have great detail and allow our physicians to diagnose orthopedic issues and medical conditions early and accurately.

In addition to the comfort and precision, our open MRI lets patients relax without loud noises, common with many other units. We’re pleased to be able to provide a convenient and comfortable option for our patients who require MRIs.

Our MRIs are read by Seattle Radiologists, one of the leading radiology groups in the Seattle area.

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