Open MRI Available at OSS

Our OPEN MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) system utilizes a completely safe magnetic field and an advanced computer system to produce exceptional quality images of any body part in any desired direction.
The result of our OPEN MRI is a sophisticated diagnostic picture of the area your orthopedic specialist wishes to view. What’s more, there is no pain, no known side effects, and no radiation used with our OPEN MRI.

This high-tech machine is ideal for patients who are claustrophobic. Patients who have had both a closed MRI and an open MRI have commented that the open MRI is much quieter and ear plugs are not necessary.

Who Benefits from OPEN MRI?

Our new OPEN MRI unit is designed with patient comfort in mind, unlike the narrow, whole body-scanning tunnel of the traditional MRI system. This unit is open on all four sides, a major advantage for big people who find the tunnel confining and constricting. Also, children who become frightened inside a tunnel will benefit from our OPEN MRI system. They can see their parents while lying on the table and feel more in control and less hidden.

Closed MRI versus OPEN MRI

With closed MRIs, the patient must lie down on a table and have a large tube slide over them, much like being in a tanning bed. The procedure lasts around 30 to 45 minutes and the patient must lie still for the entire test. In contrast, our OPEN MRI unit is built in a “C” shape configuration and the patient is never fully enclosed in the machine.

What are some Orthopedic Conditions that require MRI for Diagnosis?

Magnetic resonance imaging is done for a variety of reasons, but mainly to assist our orthopedic specialists in determining exactly what the cause of your injury or condition is related to.

Some of the reasons an OPEN MRI is done include:

Arthritis – Bone Tumors – Torn Cartilage – Torn Tendons – Torn Ligaments

How does it feel to have an OPEN MRI?

The table you lie on may feel hard and the room will be cool. You should not experience any pain from the magnetic field or radio waves that are utilized during the scan material is used, you will.

What are some Reasons why I cannot have an MRI Scan?

Pregnancy – MRI scans are not typically done during pregnancy. However, in certain cases, MRI may be done to get more information about a possible problem that cannot be seen with standard ultrasound.

Medical Devices – Any devices that use electronics may lead to problems with the magnetic field. These include pacemakers, medicine infusion pumps, and defibrillators.

Metal– If you have been a welder at any time in your life, we may do an x-ray scan to make sure you don’t have metal flecks in your body. Most medical devices are made from titanium and have no affect on the MRI.

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