Ankle Lateral Ligament Reconstruction with Peroneal Repair: 1st Post-op

  1. You may shower tonight, letting soapy water run over your incision(s) and patting them dry with a towel. You should avoid submerging the leg (bath, pool, hot tub, etc.) for at least one week.
  2. You may begin progressive weightbearing in the walking boot. Please refer to the separate handout.
  3. Use an ace bandage or a thick sock to prevent the boot from rubbing on the incision(s).
  4. You should come out of the walking boot/brace and perform exercises to maximize your post-op ankle flexibility. You should perform the following exercises twice per day, once in the morning and once in the evening:
    • You should work on 3 sets of 15 reps of dorsiflexion (up), eversion (out) but avoid plantarflexion (down) and inversion (in) for now.
    • Stretch the Achilles by placing a towel across the ball of your foot and pulling up. Hold each stretch for a five-count and do five repetitions.
    • Plantarflexion (down) and inversion (in) may begin at 4 weeks post-op.
  5. You should continue taking the blood clot prevention medication (aspirin or equivalent) as prescribed until you are at least 4 weeks post-op.
  6. Physical therapy may begin at 4 weeks post-op. A referral will be provided today.
  7. I would like to see you back in 4 weeks for a follow-up appointment.