What to Do to Prevent Adventure and High-Risk Sports Injuries

The Summer Season is Here

Staying Safe During Summer Activities | Seattle Sports Medicine Summers in the great Pacific Northwest brings out the adventurous side in all of us.

Sports activities like kayaking and kiteboarding on the Puget Sound as well as hiking, cycling, running, sky diving, and mountain biking all things we like to take advantage of while the weather cooperates with us. Physical activity is a great way to keep the mind and body healthy and fit.

Preventing sports injuries so you can enjoy the summer takes some preparation, including assessing your current fitness level and any risk factors or pre-existing conditions. Ways to prevent summer sports injuries include:

  • Annual physical exam – The healthier you are, the better you are at participating in a sports activity.

  • Proper equipment and sports activity training – Check your equipment and get some simulated practice time in so that you get a feel for the sports activity as well as building up your aerobic endurance on the off season.

  • Hydrating properly before and after a sports activity.

  • Proper understanding of your playing field – “Lay of the land” for all sports activities can be tricky if you have never been to an area before and are attempting your first adventure sports activity like kiteboarding.

If it’s paddling down Columbia Gorge, kiteboarding on the Puget Sound or mountain biking on Tiger Mountain, remember, good preparation before attempting an adventure or high risk sport will help in preventing future injuries.

If you believe you are suffering from a sports injury and need specialized orthopedic care, Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle has excellent treatment options available for you.

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