Volleyball Injuries Caused by Repetitive Motion

Karch Kiraly, Misty Mae Traenor, Logan Tom, Kerri Walsh and Steve Timmons dominated the sport of volleyball both on the court and in the sand. It’s no surprise that over their years as either and Olympic gold medalist or a top professional athlete, they have had their share of injuries over the years. From shoulder injuries to foot and ankle injuries, these athletes have battled the pain and recovered through extensive orthopedic protocols and treatments.

Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries are the most common injuries in volleyball. They occur because of the continued overhead activity of the shoulder. Such injuries include impingement, rotator cuff tendonitis, shoulder instability, and suprascapular nerve entrapment. All of these injuries will cause shoulder pain when you raise your hand over your head.

Your shoulder consists of a ball and a socket; however, when you move your shoulder, the ball has to move and rotate without moving upwards because there is a roof of bone over the shoulder. The rotator cuff, which is a combination of four tendons, acts to move your shoulder. At the same time, it holds the ball down and away from the roof of the bone. If the cuff does not function properly, the ball migrates upwards and hits the roof, causing pain. This occurs when the rotator cuff is inflamed because the nerves innervating the cuff are pinched, the cuff is torn or inflamed, or the shoulder is unstable.

Foot and Ankle Injuries

Foot and ankle injuries are quite common among volleyball players. Ankle sprains are especially common and should be treated with ice, rest, elevation, splinting and occasionally casting. The pain usually occurs four centimeters above the heel. Stress fractures and compartment syndrome can occur.

Tips for Preventing Volleyball-Related Injuries

.Thoroughly warm up
.Stretch your shoulder prior to playing – Strength training is a great way to build upper body strength
.Strengthen your rotator cuff by performing internal and external exercises
Hydrate throughout the game
.Stretch after each game

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