Are You Green With Envy?

We are proud to announce that Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle is officially a green business! Seattle Public Utilities started the Seattle’s Get on the Map campaign to publicly recognize local businesses that have taken measures to reduce  waste, save water and energy, and reduce pollution. There are three tiers: Green, Greener and Greenest.

According to City of Seattle Ordinance #124582, effective January 1, 2015, it is required that residents and businesses  prohibit the disposal of food waste and compostable paper from residential, commercial and self-haul garbage.  The Get on the Map Campaign encourages community businesses to be active participants in preventing pollution and waste in the Seattle area.

How did OSS get on the map?

  • Completed a third party green business assessment
  • Started/expanded recycling for paper, bottles and cans, glass and cardboard
  • Started recycling food scraps, plants, and wood from:  the break room/office/ kitchen

By reducing, reusing and recycling waste, OSS reduces their carbon footprint and complies with Seattle’s recycling laws. OSS is proud to be an ambassador of going green!