Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle Offer Minimally Invasive Anterior Hip Replacement

Our orthopedic surgeons Dr. Peterson and Dr. Downer, offer hip surgeries through a smaller, minimally invasive approach. The anterior approach to a total hip replacement allows for less trauma to the surrounding soft tissue and muscles. With smaller incisions, our doctors offer a less painful approach, and faster recovery.

Anterior hip surgery is not a new idea; in fact, many surgeons have used this approach since the 1980s. However, what is new about the anterior hip replacement procedure is the surgeons are using smaller incisions and more specialized instruments to make the surgery less traumatic.

Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle is proud to offer the anterior approach to hip replacement and other hip surgeries. Regardless of the type of incision, all hip replacements require your orthopedic specialist to remove and replace the hip joint. The hip joint is deep in your body, and consists of the top of the thigh bone, and the socket in the pelvis.

Is Anterior Hip Replacement Better than Traditional Surgery?

Our orthopedic specialists feel that the anterior hip replacement option is an improvement over other approaches for hip surgery because of the faster recovery The goal of surgery is to give you a joint that is pain-free, last long, allow you to recover in a shorter period of time, and to get you back to your activities of daily living.

Contact Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle to see if you are a candidate for a less invasive hip replacement surgery through the anterior approach.

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