OSS Offers Waterproof Casts

Casts are necessary to help broken bones recover. However, a cast must stay on for many weeks or months, making simple daily tasks difficult. You may remember showering with a plastic bag covering your cast. Thanks to the new waterproof casts, the plastic bag is no longer needed.

Our orthopedic specialists use GoreTex and AquaCast, two waterproof products. GoreTex and AquaCast are the most recent generation of waterproof cast paddings and liners. Their enhanced features are extremely comfortable and stretchable. These casts are made of a special type of fiberglass and covered by a waterproof cast liner on the outer shell. This lining prevents the water from being in contact with the actual cast. The special cast and cover adhere around your arm or leg to make sure no water passes through.

The GoreTex and AquaCast are products that are breathable, washable, and waterproof. The fast drying characteristics of these products prevent skin breakdown from retained moisture, which results in fewer unscheduled cast changes. The cast should be rinsed daily to reduce itching and odor. You or your child can swim, bathe, or shower in your cast. While some insurance carriers do not pay for this produce, our associates at Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle will do everything in their power to have your insurance carrier pay for the claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get it wet?

Yes. The GoreTex and AquaCast liners will not absorb water and are moisture vapor permeable.

Can I wash it?

Yes. Washing inside the cast will reduce odor, eliminate irritation, and improve overall skin condition. Be sure to consult with your doctor as to which type of soap to use.

Can I swim in it?

Yes. Swimming is no longer a problem. Just be sure to rinse the chlorine off afterwards.

Can I exercise?

Yes. Perspiration will not damage the GoreTex or AquaCast products. You should be sure to rinse it thoroughly with clean water after your physical activity.

How do I dry my cast?

For most people, the cast will dry in less than 90 minutes. Factors that may affect the drying time are humidity levels, your body temperature, your activity level, and the ambient temperature.

How does it work?

AquaCast and GoreTex products contain billions of tiny pores that are larger than moisture molecules but smaller than liquid water droplets. This allows the liner to remain dry while your skin gets wet. Most of the water will drain out the ends of your cast.

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