Dr. Ruhlman’s Trip to Kenya

Last month OSS reported that Dr. Ruhlman and his family were leaving for Kenya once again.

They are back and this is what Dr. Ruhlman had to say about his travels with his family,

“I had the pleasure once again to travel this winter to Kenya to serve in an underprivileged area, providing orthopedic surgical care to patients in a small rural hospital in Bomet, Kenya. This was my second trip to this hospital and first with my family as we enjoyed the hospitality of the locals and helped them medically as they graciously introduced us to their way of life. The predominance of surgeries I performed involved fractures and infections as dangerous roads and driving conditions unfortunately cause a very large amount of significant trauma to the working class. It is extremely important in their culture and economy to get these patients back on their feet to allow them to continue to provide for our family. I had the opportunity to let my family enjoy the trip with me and we were impressed with the beauty of the country and its people. We also had a chance to witness up close the amazing wildlife that has been so well preserved in Kenya – it was a trip of a lifetime for me and my family, though I hope to have the opportunity to go back in the future.”

Check out the pictures from his trip!

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Dr. Ruhlman and his family are leaving for Kenya this Christmas Eve!

Dr. Ruhlman and his family are leaving for Kenya this Christmas Eve. Dr. Ruhlman served at Tenwick Hospital in Bomet, Kenya last year and he is doing it again. According to Dr. Ruhlman, “The country was quite beautiful and the people are very generous and accommodating. Just about a 4-hour drive out of Nairobi, Tenwick Hospital is a rural 300- bed hospital serving a very large under served area. The hospital employs over 500 local kenyan workers and has significant international support. World Medical Mission supports the hospital with logistics and helping volunteers travel to Tenwick and that is how I got involved to help with their Orthopedic Surgical load.”

Last year, Dr. Ruhlman performed 3-5 surgeries per day working with the resident and attending surgeons and helped teach them techniques that he uses in his practice.

What a great way to pay it forward Dr. Ruhlman! Kudos to you and Happy Holidays to you and your family while you will be in Kenya!